CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Twitter Locks TV Host Steve Malzberg’s Account After Linking to Video of Groper Biden for “Violation of Child Sexual Exploitation Policy”

You can’t make this up – Twitter freezes RT Host Steve Malzberg from platform for sharing video of Joe Biden touching children by claiming it is a “Violation of Child Sexual Exploitation Policy”.

Steve Malzberg reported on RT TV that he was banned by Twitter.  The reason is shocking.   Malzberg shares:


They locked my account, @SteveMTalk, because it violated their ‘Child Sexual Exploitation Policy’?  What, I asked aloud.  All I did was post a link to this, now keep your eyes on Biden.  (shows video)

Get the idea?  Now this is eitherinnocent grandfather affection, or it’s child sexual exploitation as Twitter says it is.  So Twitter has decided to protect Joe Biden by not letting you see that video on Twitter by calling it “Child Sexual Exploitation”.  Really?  Wow.

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Steve Malzberg by Nick Step is licensed under Flickr CC BY 2.0