Parler Responds to Twitter’s Suspension of Expert Mathematician after Arizona Voter Fraud Testimony

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  • Source: Twexit
  • 12/04/2020
Henderson, NV – Parler CEO and founder John Matze slammed Twitter today for suspending the account of Bobby Piton following his testimony at a voter fraud hearing in Arizona. Piton, who is a trained mathematician, testified as an expert witness at the hearing on Monday about the state’s election results. Piton said that if it were up to him, he would not have certified the state’s election results, and that in his opinion the results were “fraudulent based on the data.”
According to reports, his Twitter account was suspended as he was delivering the testimony. It is still suspended as of this afternoon.

"No one has produced evidence contrary to Mr. Piton's expert opinion; there is currently no credible evidence regarding whether or not he perjured himself on the stand. Twitter seems to want to continue to advance the narrative that there is no legitimate fraud, acting as a publisher and a thought influencer, rather than a neutral platform. It seems like Twitter is locking content down that could potentially impact future public thought," Parler founder and CEO John Matze said.  “If Jack Dorsey has evidence he was lying, then he should just accuse Mr. Piton of perjury instead of going through this theater of suspending his account. We are now giving immunity to self-appointed ‘fact-checkers,’ but marginalizing people who testify under oath. It’s a dangerous precedent that Parler does not and will not follow. We are, and always will be, a neutral town square where people can judge information by its own merits.”
Parler is committed to free speech, does not mine or sell data, and does not remove content based on politics or ideology. Parler continues to stand with the People and against technoauthoritarianism.  
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